You Don't Need a Coffee Maker for a Great Cup Of Joe

Discover some of the best ways that you can make coffee without a machine. 

Coffee makers are now ingrained in daily life. Some people struggle to get out of bed in the morning unless they smell coffee automatically being brewed in the kitchen. Coffee machines come in all different shapes and sizes with some being a luxury item and others more like a basic necessity. 

However, there’s always going to be times in life where you will need to make do without your beloved coffee machine. Can you still get the cup of Joe you need each morning to wake you up and get you ready for the day?

Use A Saucepan

It’s possible that you don’t have much to work with around your kitchen. However, if you have a saucepan to hand, then you can still get the coffee you need. This is useful if you’re staying in an apartment on vacation with the bare minimum. Add water to the saucepan and stir the coffee grounds. Use the same amount you would for your coffeemaker. 

Your burner needs to be on a medium high heat and you should bring the coffee to a boiling point. You need to keep stirring for about two minutes. After this, your coffee will be ready to pour into your favorite mug. 

French-Press Coffee

Alternatively, you could use a DIY French-press to make coffee. All you need is a mug, measuring spoon, and bowl. You need to add 1 tablespoon of coffee grounds into a bowl for every cup of coffee required. You can then saturate the coffee grounds with a little water before adding the right amount for the exact servings required. Ensure that you use the tablespoon to push the settled grounds to the bottom of the bowl and then pour the coffee into a mug to enjoy. 

We hope this helps you see that you don’t need a coffee machine to satisfy your craving for caffeine each morning. Remember, studies show that coffee does provide various health benefits so you don’t want to miss it out of your diet completely.