Which Coffee Brewing Method Is Right For You?

To the average eye, a cup of coffee is just that- a cup of coffee. To coffee enthusiasts, however, there is so much more that goes into that perfect cup than just throwing coffee grounds into a machine. Variables such as where the beans are grown, types of coffee roast, and coffee brewing method all change the end result. How you choose to brew your coffee plays a pivotal roll in the flavor and texture of your coffee. Below is a list of the most popular coffee brewing methods to help you decide which you should use to brew your perfect cup.

French Press

The French press coffee brewing method is tried and true among coffee lovers. It works by immersion, which means the coffee grounds steep in the water and are then filtered out. French press coffee allows the natural oils from the coffee beans to remain in the brew instead of being trapped by a filter. This coffee is rich, thick, and less bitter than some other methods. French presses are also easily available and come in a wide range of price points.

Pour Over

Pour over brewing has become a more popular brewing method in recent years- most likely due to the third and fourth wave of coffee connoisseurs. The pour over method involves pouring water over ground coffee and letting it drip into the carafe. This produces a robust and clear coffee taste with a deep, rich color.

Drip Machine

Ah, yes. The classic coffee maker. This tends to be the most popular method of brewing coffee at home. This machine is great for those who drink more than one cup of coffee in the morning. It produces a slightly thinner brew than others. Some machines are able to be customized to your favorite settings to achieve your favorite brew.


The AeroPress coffee brewing method has exploded within the coffee-loving community. It has quickly become a favorite due to its quick brew time, rich flavor, and versatility. It brews an extremely rich and flavorful cup without the bitterness you might be used to. And it's very easy to travel with!

Cold Brew

Cold brew coffee is made by letting coffee grounds steep for up to 12 hours in room temperature water and then filtered and served. It's crisp and delicate and perfect for a hot summer day. Make the night before and enjoy a perfect cup of cold brew coffee with your breakfast the next morning.