Making the Transition to A Vegan Lifestyle

Thinking of going vegan? Or maybe you've already decided to take the plunge and don't know where to start. We get it. The transition to a vegan lifestyle isn't always the smoothest ride -- you have to figure out how to make vegan food taste good while living happily alongside your meat-eating friends. We've whipped up this quick guide with some tips on how to make the transition simpler.  Keep reading to learn more.

Why Go Vegan?

Since 2004, the number of people in the U.S. who eat a plant-based diet has risen 3000%. Today, 9.7 million Americans are vegans and that number continues to grow as more people switch to a vegan lifestyle every day. So what makes veganism so popular? Most people have their own reasons for making the change, but popular reasons include health benefits, the environment, and animal rights.

Does Vegan Food Taste Good?

Vegan food gets a bad rap for being boring, tasteless, and lacking protein. But that's just because it's not being cooked properly. The food available for vegans has come a long way. It's not just walnuts and veggies anymore! Today, vegans can take advantage of plant-based burgers, nut milks, and flavored tempeh while they play with different spices in the kitchen. In fact, with the right ingredients a vegan meal can taste even better than your average meat dish.

The best part is that because so many people are transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, it's more common to see restaurants offering delicious vegan items on their menus. At Comoncy, our menu offers a variety of different vegan food dishes (and coffee drinks) that explode with flavor.

A few Suggestions Before You Jump Into Veganism

Convinced to go vegan? All you need is a good reason and the right attitude. Here's how to handle the rest:

  1. Do Your Research: Don't jump in without knowing anything. Read up on veganism so you can learn more about what you're in for.
  2. Start Vegetarian: Make it easy on yourself by cutting out meats before fully cutting out all animal products.
  3. Forgive Yourself: Everybody makes mistakes. If you do mess up or give in to temptation, forgive yourself and remember that it's a process.
  4. Full-Fledged Veganism: After several trials and tribulations, you'll be a full on vegan, avoiding animal products not only in your diet, but in the rest of your consumption too.